Innovation Showcase
October 12, 2024
Cutting-edge Technologies From San Diego and Southern California Academic Research Organizations

The San Diego Innovation Council (SDIC) invites you to participate in a full day of company presentations and networking, with high quality investment opportunities in the software, engineering, cleantech, bluetech, and life sciences sectors. The seventh annual Innovation Showcase will be returning to an in-person event at the JLABS San Diego campus on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

The SDIC will present innovations created at top academic centers in San Diego and Southern California. These academic centers come together annually to present investment opportunities, commercialization success stories and opportunities to develop new enterprises based on technologies developed by their researchers.

The San Diego Innovation Showcase is possible in partnership with JLABS and the support from its over thirty supporting organizations.

Important Information
10:35 AM - 2:40PM
Concurrent Startup Presentations
3:00 PM
Keynote Presentation
5:30 PM
Event Ends
8:00 AM
  • Breakfast
  • Networking
8:30 AM
SDIC Board Welcome
8:45 AM
Entrepreneur Panel
9:30 AM
Commercialization Success Story
10:15 AM
  • Break
Concurrent Startup Presentations - |
  • CleanTech/BlueTech
  • Software/Engineering
  • Therapeutics/Diagnostics
12 Noon
  • Lunch Break
  • Networking
Concurrent Startup Presentations - ||
  • CleanTech/BlueTech
  • Software/Engineering
  • Therapeutics/Diagnostics
02:40 AM
  • Break
3:00 AM
Providing Information Warfare Capabilities to the Fleet : NAVWAR - PEO C4I
8:30 AM
State of the Region’s Innovation Ecosystem
4:30 PM
  • Networking
  • Reception
  • Reception Session
Our Sponsors
When And Where
May 22, 2024
JLABS @ San Diego

3210 Merryfield Row
San Diego, CA 92121