The San Diego Innovation Council offers a unique forum for organizations looking to engage with the regional innovation economy.

About SDIC

The Council is comprised of a representative group of thought leaders supporting academic  entrepreneurs through various activities and programming. The Council facilitates commercialization,  investment, licensing of, and new company formation from research intensive organizations in the  region. Through quarterly roundtable meetings and an annual showcase event the Council aims to  reinforce and enhance the economic impact of our region.

Our Mission

To provide a platform for collaboration with the region’s premier research institutions and to facilitate  and showcase innovation and commercial successes.

Our Vision

To elevate San Diego as a premier location for world class research and entrepreneurship. 

Our Three C’s

Communicating, Connecting, and Cultivating academic innovation and technologies. 

We members communicate the impact and value of San Diego based research organizations, and  promote events supporting the commercialization of academic innovations. 

We connect stakeholders & representatives from the community to support one another and when  possible, align efforts on promoting San Diego as a world class destination for academic based  innovations.

Our Work

Through regional and international outreach and networking activities, and the Annual Innovation  Showcase, the San Diego Innovation Council contributes to elevate the San Diego Region as a premier  location for world class research and entrepreneurship.


We share information, best practices, and strategic goals.


We coordinate the reporting of impact-related metrics.


We enable integrated approaches to unique opportunities.


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Partner with us

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